I Feel Bad for Rick Reilly!

Who is ready for the Lance Armstrong movie?! I will tell you who will not be attending that movie, Rick Reilly. If he is there, it will be to throw tomatoes at Lance Armstrong’s face.

lanceRick is mad, very mad, at Lance after this whole scandal broke because, in the words of Rick, “Two words? For 14 years of defending a man? And in the end, being made to look like a chump?” I don’t blame Rick at all! I would be pretty mad too if I defended someone whole heartedly for so many years and I found out that they were lying to me. Poor guy. ):

Rick isn’t the only one that is mad. Matthew McConaughey, one of Lance’s friends, is one of those people none too happy about the situation. Although, Matthew like others, including me, have grown to feel more sorry about the situation.


Photo courtesy: Flickr.


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