Are You Addicted to Facebook?!

A dad in Boston paid his daughter $200 to stay off of Facebook for five months! That’s crazy! What is just as crazy is that someone actually invented a website called “FAddict“. Who really needs this?!

The idea of the website is that you pay $5 to the website as a pledge to not get on Facebook for a month, and if you do so, you get your money back, otherwise they keep it to donate to an addition and mental health charity. Are there really people who are so addicted to Facebook that they really need a website like this?! I use Facebook a lot, but I could stop at anytime. Plus, I view Facebook as a good thing. It connects people-where is the bad in that?!

"I like this blog post."Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Sean MacEntee

“I like this blog post.”
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Sean MacEntee


2 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Facebook?!

  1. It’s kind of sad that she is 14 years old and she’s so addicted that her parents have to pay her to stay off of Facebook…haha but I agree. I could stop at any time! Some people are just more addicted than others

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