Goodbye, Electronic Communications.

The posts below are all a reflection of what I have done in my electronic communications class at Oklahoma State University. Each week we were given three different articles by our professor.  We were instructed to choose whichever was the most interesting to us. Once we made our decision, we wrote a short blog post … Continue reading

Is Mike Rice the Only Person to Worry About?

Recently a video surfaced of Rutgers men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, verbally and physically abusing his players at their practices. I agree with what Andrew Sharp writes in his recent article about this hot topic. It is not just Mike Rice that we should be focused on. Even though the majority of coaches would never … Continue reading

Can Wichita State Win the Title Game?

No. 9 seed Wichita State has officially made it to the Final Four! As a person who is related to an alumnus of WSU, I can say no one expected this. However, the question is now, can WSU make it all the way? With Louisville being the team’s next opponent, it is hard to believe that … Continue reading

Is Pistorius a Hero or a Murderer?

Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee, was the first to compete in an able-bodied Olympic event. Just over half a year ago, this man was considered a hero, but he now has the title of murderer. It is a very upsetting turn of events for many throughout the world. CNN posed the question “Who is ‘Blade … Continue reading

Are You Addicted to Facebook?!

A dad in Boston paid his daughter $200 to stay off of Facebook for five months! That’s crazy! What is just as crazy is that someone actually invented a website called “FAddict“. Who really needs this?! The idea of the website is that you pay $5 to the website as a pledge to not get … Continue reading

PEDs Are NOT Okay!

Lately, there have been many reports about different athletes in all different sports using PEDs. PEDs, or performance enhancing drugs, are just so not okay! They create so much danger not just on the field but also off. I am just like “The Sports Guy“. I completely question all these miraculous recoveries-ESPECIALLY Ray Lewis‘! A minimum 6 … Continue reading

Do You Believe in Love?

I just got done reading an article about the nonexistence of everlasting love. The only part of the article that I agree with is when the author wrote, “Fredrickson likes to call love a nutrient.” I do agree that love leads people to happier and healthier lives. All the love in my life has certainly … Continue reading

I Feel Bad for Rick Reilly!

Who is ready for the Lance Armstrong movie?! I will tell you who will not be attending that movie, Rick Reilly. If he is there, it will be to throw tomatoes at Lance Armstrong’s face. Rick is mad, very mad, at Lance after this whole scandal broke because, in the words of Rick, “Two words? … Continue reading