In my reporting class, we wrote seven different types of articles. Below you will find PDF files of each story and a short description.

Youth Concussions – This is a story I wrote about concussions in youth sports. I went to a local high school in Bixby, Oklahoma to interview parents, players and coaches of different sports and ages.

Betty White – One of our assignments was to write an advanced obituary. Mine was written about Betty White, an actress I admire.

AWSM – This is an article I wrote about a meeting of The Association of Women in Sports Media. They had a guest speaker, Sam Gannon. She gave advice to the members of the club.

Government – As a class, we went to a Stillwater City Council meeting. We followed up on a story from the meeting to write our articles.

Antiques – I wrote a feature story over the two owners of a local Tulsa antique store.

ALS Association – Another assignment we had was to take a national store and localize it. I wrote over a story I had read about some Catholic Church members being upset with embryo uses for ALS research. I wrote it when ALS was still extremely prominent in the news.

Mockingjay – Our final assignment was to write a review. I wrote my review over “Mockingjay – Part One.”


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